Heartworms are parasites that can do damage to your dog or cat’s heart.  Heartworm disease (the buildup of numerous heartworms)  is always fatal if left untreated.  Treatment for heartworm disease can be extremely expensive and will often shorten your pet’s life, due to the extensive damage that is done to their cardiac system. Heartworm prevention is a far better option. It is very affordable, and is not harmful to your pet. Talk to your veterinarian for a preventative plan.

Regardless of the particular preventative that you choose, heartworm prevention is an absolute requirement for your pet’s well being.  Mosquitoes are everywhere (they can even come inside the house) – and it only takes one mosquito to infect your dog with heartworms.  There is no reason to risk your pet’s life when you can easily prevent a problem by spending a few dollars per month on heartworm prevention.  Heartworm prevention is a requirement for their health, just like the “Rabies Vaccine” should be given once per year  – Heartworm prevention should be given once per month. On the safe side I give Myko his tablet year round.

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