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What time of the day is BEST to walk your dog

There are many factors that you should consider when deciding on the best time to walk your dog: your pet’s age, your age, your work schedule, children’s schedule, weather & I’m sure there are more!

Simple. Make time & don’t base it on when YOU have time.


Walk your dog when you are not feeling rushed! Dogs can sense your emotions & maybe going on that walk will help you relax too!  Setting aside a minimum of 20 minutes a few times a week could do wonders for almost anyone. If you can’t fit it in then consider replacing it with doggie daycare. Yes, your dog would love to walk with its owner but I guarantee a day of doggie daycare will also be an excellent way to give it some exercise!

Why doggie daycare – DayPlays are fun, educational & relaxing

Queen of Paws doggie caycare services are designed to get your pet in an environment where play, exercise and social interaction are the key components during his/her stay here. Being at home alone most of the day while you are away could leave any pet longing for some activity & fun. Let us give your pet the treat of some exercise and other 4-legged friends while you tend to your busy schedule.







You can drop off your pet at 7am, or any time of the day. We provide 1/2 and full-day DayPlay or by the hour if you are running errands. All interacting with other 4-legged clients are with the same temperament and divided by size. We are very selective with who enrolls in our daycare for the safety of our clients and staff. Our clients also have the opportunity to their “beauty sleep” in between. We provide relaxing music throughout our spa to enhance a calmer atmosphere. 

Overall, your pet is closely monitored so that he/she is guaranteed the most enjoyable experience at Queen of Paws. We love to see those tails wagging and the expressions our clients make when they arrive!

How long should you walk your dog

Whether you take a short circle around the block or hike through the woods, focus on maintaining a good, steady pace. Get a friend and their dog to go along but make sure it’s on the same pace as you and your dog. Walking a Labrador and a Shihtzu together will not get the same out of it.

If you are really moving and have pep to your step — even for 10 minutes — it makes a big difference. I have a client that is a runner and on the weekends she takes her dog running but during the weekday because of her work schedule she is not able to so he spends his days in doggie daycare to get exercise and interaction with other dogs and humans.

Most dogs would love spend their days playing fetch or tugging a rope toy, but dogs need physical and mental stimulation to avoid boredom or unwanted behavior. Consistent walks help dogs mentally reboot.

Why is it necessary to walk your dog

I admire people who can complete a hectic day at the office, then hit the gym to exercise for an hour. For me, the perfect end to a busy day involves snuggling on the bed with Myko. Not only is it healthy for us to exercise but also for our pets.

I know from experience that a tired dog truly is a well-behaved dog. Neglecting those twice-daily walks or daycare will lead to mischief in your home. Out of sheer boredom, doggies choose naughty activities that include — but are not limited to — chewing shoes, shredding dog beds and redecorating your bedroom with toilet paper.

When you have a bored dog, that’s when you start having trouble; they get destructive.” It’s good to keep that energy burned.

A tired dog also tends to be a bit healthier. Unfortunately, pets have packed on the pounds right along with their human companions. More than half of the cats and dogs in this country are overweight or obese, according to a study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP). That extra girth carries an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease and several other pricey health issues no longer reserved for humans.