Holiday Safety Tips Archives

Tree Decorating Safety Tips for your Pets

  • Secure tree to both the floor and ceiling, if possible, to prevent it from falling. 
  • Vacuum up needles; they can cause choking and puncture intestines. 
  • Place glass ornaments and those with metal hooks on higher limbs.
  • Avoid decorations made of cookies, candy canes, gingerbread, popcorn or cranberries.
  • Be sure pets can’t get to the water in the tree stand reservoir; it contains harmful fertilizers and bacteria. 
  • Avoid tinsel; ingesting it can cause an intestinal blockage. 

Safety Tips for Dogs on Halloween

I personally feel that unsupervised dogs are best kept indoors year-round. However, the rules are different during the Halloween season! It is extremely crucial that you keep your dog indoors unless directly supervised. Sadly, there are cruel people who have twisted ideas of fun this time of year – and your dog or cat can be the victim. Though it is more widely know that black cats are targeted during Halloween, any household pet can be at risk and MUST be kept indoors!