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Why doggie daycare – DayPlays are fun, educational & relaxing

Queen of Paws doggie caycare services are designed to get your pet in an environment where play, exercise and social interaction are the key components during his/her stay here. Being at home alone most of the day while you are away could leave any pet longing for some activity & fun. Let us give your pet the treat of some exercise and other 4-legged friends while you tend to your busy schedule.







You can drop off your pet at 7am, or any time of the day. We provide 1/2 and full-day DayPlay or by the hour if you are running errands. All interacting with other 4-legged clients are with the same temperament and divided by size. We are very selective with who enrolls in our daycare for the safety of our clients and staff. Our clients also have the opportunity to their “beauty sleep” in between. We provide relaxing music throughout our spa to enhance a calmer atmosphere. 

Overall, your pet is closely monitored so that he/she is guaranteed the most enjoyable experience at Queen of Paws. We love to see those tails wagging and the expressions our clients make when they arrive!

Do all dogs need to be walked?

There are some breeds that require a lower demand for exercise (a lower energy level). It does not mean they do not need exercise. It simply means that they can be satisfied with less exercise than some of the other breeds. All dogs need and will enjoy a nice walk with their owners. Throwing a ball or letting your dog run free at a dog park for exercise is great, but it still does not fulfill the dog’s need for a walk. It is very important that you take your dog for a daily walk where the dog is made to heel. Commands should be followed by the dog & the leader must be the human. This is a must for any dog in order to keep its mind balanced. The better shape your canine friend is in, the healthier he will be, mentally and physically.





It’s so nice to see the community of Prairie Village walking their dogs. Whether it’s cold or not dogs are being walked throughout the neighborhood or even at Franklin Park.

Why all pet owner do not walk their dogs

For many of you it may seem like a ‘no brainer’ on why and how to walk your dog. The fact is there are lots of pet owners who:

  • Don’t walk their dogs at all, or don’t do it routinely
  • Don’t make the most of the activity
  • Dread walks because their pet actually walks them, or exhibits other bad leash manners