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As the most premier dog day play studio service in Johnson County, we emphasize cleanliness, safety and fun activities for your pooch. We are not your typical doggie daycare.

Does your dog get lonely or destructive when left alone too long? It’s not always possible to stay home and play with your dog all day. That’s the dream. Queen of Paws Boutique & Spa understands that you want a safe place and your pet wants a fun place along with their need for exercise & socialization. The introduction to other people and pets in Socialization Play Days is an integral source of exercise and social interaction that each pet needs. Our Play-Days are a great release of energy that provides physiological benefits like weight control, muscle toning, cardio and respiratory health as well as promoting better mental health. Thru socialization, your pooch can blossom into a non-aggressive happy, healthy pooch! Making it convenient for both you and your pooch choose half or full days of Socialization Play-Days. Pooches must know basic socialization. All our clients are required to be evaluated prior to reservations in our Play-Day Studio. Our doggie dayplay focuses on quality rather than quantity & we separate pooches by temperament, age, weight and size. For the price you would get for dog kennels or pet sitters, we offer absolute bliss for your dog, and complete peace of mind for you. Luxury and safety for a low price make us the best pet spa & doggie dayplay.

All Doggie Clients must pass an initial evaluation where temperament and socialization skills are evaluated to ensure the safety of all Doggie Clients. If at any time your dog becomes aggressive they will no longer be able to attend our doggie dayplay and will be kenneled for the remaining stay.  The safety of our clients & staff comes 1st before anything.  Queen of Paws cleans and disinfects every day to ensure a healthy environment for your dog to play in. We only use pet safe cleaners for doggie dayplay.

If you have a dog with special needs, such as the day after surgery ie spay and rather than leaving dog home alone we do have a private room setup for day boarding. Your pet will be monitored by staff but no interaction based on his/her health needs. Safety comes first.

Why DayPlay is a Treat for your Dog
They won’t be sitting at home lonely and bored.
At the end of a busy day, when you’re ready to relax, your pooch will be too.
Interaction with other dogs, supervised by trained professionals, builds positive social behaviors.
Lots & lots of loving attention and fun!
Stops stress, separation anxiety and destructive behavior due to boredom.

What a great way to make more human and canine friends.
Always knowing your dog is safe and happy while you are away.
Great fun! Guaranteed.


If you purchase a package, your 2nd dog’s package is 20% off (from same household)

All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable

Early drop-offs and late pick-ups are subject to a $10 surcharge (without advance notice)

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time


In order to give the fun, your dog must…

Be well socialized and non-aggressive

Be spayed and neutered if over 6 months of age

Be current on all vaccinations including Bordetella, Rabies and DHLPPC

Have a recent fecal exam at your veterinarian to test for intestinal parasites

Be flea free

Be wearing a quick release collar with some sort of name identification


DayPlay Studio with fabulous outdoor scenery


There are several convenient options when it comes to paying for the Doggie DayPlay experience. Choose the one that suits your needs:


Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm / Saturday 9am-5pm / Sunday 11am-5pm


Reservations required –  Limited Availability

Save money by purchasing one of our Doggie DayPlay Discount Packages.


Full Day Rates/Packages (Doggies 20 lbs and under):

  • Single Day                                   $18.00
  • 5   Day Discount Package =  $15.00   ($  75.00)
  • 10 Day Discount Package = $14.00    ($140.00)
  • 20 Day Discount Package = $13.00   ($260.00)
  • 30 Day Discount Package =  $12.00   ($360.00)

Half-Day Rates/Packages:

  • Half Day (5 hours and less)   $12.00
  • 10 Half-Days Discount Package = $ 11.00     ($110.00)



Full Day Rates/Packages (Doggies over 20 lbs):

  • Single Day                                   $22.00
  • 5   Day Discount Package =  $20.00   ($100.00)
  • 10 Day Discount Package = $19.00    ($190.00)
  • 20 Day Discount Package = $18.00   ($360.00)
  • 30 Day Discount Package =  $17.00   ($510.00)

Half-Day Rates/Packages:

  • Half Day (5 hours and less)   $15.00
  • 10 Half-Days Discount Package = $14.00     ($140.00)


For more information or to book a tour of our Doggie DayPlay Studios, contact us at 913.980.4882